WTF are you doing!!!??

Well I will tell you what I am doing!  I am living in a little cave like a troll, working with juvenile delinquents (not in the cave I live in) at a youth ranch…. I just bought a new car (which I LOVE) It also got hit and is almost back to being what it was when I bought it.  I am currently saving money to move too some unknown location with mr. wonderful.  I hope it’s a happy, warm, nice place.  I am freezing my ass off while I am typing this right now because, caves are cold, but at least I have the internet in here.

SEE!  Someone hurt my poor car.  Well its fixed now, almost completely a few minor details to tend too, but I’m driving the honda anyway because of the weather and the fact the mazda sucks in the snow, it has the wrong tires.  
Ok I have a dog now I drew eyebrows on her, her name is Cricket but I think her real name is Maria Martinez. 
What else?  Oh I don’t know.  Life is good. I just started back up at the gym.  Weeeeee. Thats about all.