Why are Video Games easier than real life?

WHY IS LIFE SO HARD? (In comparison to video games)

Why is life so hard? I don’t really think it should be easy.  Easy is boring, but shouldn’t it be a little less hard? I have a confession. I enjoy all my games on easy mode first play through.

Hmmm, maybe just maybe I have already played through on easy and this insanity mode.  Nah, it is still too boring more like hard mode.  Insanity would need more explosions and knife fights.
Let’s face it,  I might not be good at knife fights.  If I die, it’s game over.   I realize objectively life is what you make of it but face it some of us are clearly dealt a better starting hand and draw way better cards by chance.

I said face it twice. Hmmm, wonder if that means anything.  It probably means that I am stuck with all the choices I have based off all of the choices I have made.  This actually seems like a sound enough theory.  I mean think about it, it works in video games.  The one that first comes to mind is Mass Effect 2.  Every choice you made affected your story and game.  Okay so they sorta fudged that up at the end of Mass Effect 3, but I still loved it!  So unlike video game land, you don’t always get paragon or renegade choices, and often the two feel like the same choice to me.  I have a renegade streak but I am also very moral with how I employ it!

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Superpowers, I mean we are amazing in our video games we have the ability to go further, live

Life Is Strange, life, video game, manipulate reality

longer, and even manipulate our environments.  Yes, we can do all that in real life but not as easily as we can in a video game world.  Let’s use Life is Strange as an example, you can actually rewind, stop and manipulate time for your own benefit.  HOW COOL IS THAT? I wonder, though, if I had the ability to do something like that, would I abuse it? Maybe, we shouldn’t have super[powers now that I think about how out of control people get with even moderate amounts power.


I find as I get older that I worry more about missing out on all the kinds of experiences and things that I want to do or see before I kick the can.  Sure I can see more in my next life but I want to achieve way too much in this one!  Don’t you know I can do it all!!  Instead of feeling like I can achieve it all I sometimes look around and wonder how the heck did that happen!?  I get lost and confused and everything shiny distracts me like in Fallout 4.  I have a mission, I have a general map, I know what to do.  But, invariably I see a cool gas station and start homesteading, or see an interesting place and sneak in to slay all the bad guys which is supposed to be part of another mission.  HFallout 4, ADD, gaming, life ere I go getting ahead of myself, again!  Games come with manuals, controls, missions, and rewards.  I think maybe the reason I like them is because they run within whatever constrained system they written to.  I don’t need to second-guess most of what I do and it is relatively easy to enjoy my accomplishments.  When it gets to hard I can just walk away from it until a later day.  Wouldn’t it be nice if life was as simple?
See what happens when I’m lying here on the sofa to sick to do my microeconomics homework! I get philosophical.

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