Well I am almost done with school. If I can pass this math class anyway. I have a C right now so I think I can pull it off. 😛

Grandpa Don died Tuesday, the family was there to say goodbye. I am officially grandparent-less. Oh I now feel the regret of not visiting enough. 🙁 Well I suppose that is normal.
I bought a new car. A Honda, it is a project car. That was unintentional but someone sold me a car and long story short it has enough problems to officially be a project car! 😛 I had to replace the cv axle and the transmission, brake rotors and engine mount are next. 😛 Got it painted too, just temporary paint job but it is one color now haha! YES! I love my little car though so cute. BUt I have decided I am not allowed to buy a car on my own now haha. 😛