I have to get in the habit of writing regularly.  Now if I could only figure out how to get myself to do that!
Whats new?  Well nothing I am still the same walking talking disaster haha, yes more insight, more everything, same confusion of finding balance or having a clue as too what I actually want in this life.
I want FUN.
Haha but is that what I need?
So I have a current love affair with the band New Politics so between them, Muse, OkGo and everything else I love I am really feeling it.  Also I am pretty sure New Politics should marry me. 🙂
This post is likely to be bit all over the place as I am fairly certain I am in the middle of a manic panic week!

Kelly and I sang this song at karaoke a few weeks ago.  It was a CRAZY night.   
Okay so what is the EXCITING news?
New PC. 
Intel i5 3570k 3.40 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2G Boost. 
Need a solid state drive but will get that in good time…. so I can play games on high quality!!  This is awesome.  How about a pic?
Woot! There it is!  Woot!  There it is! 
Had a few friends help me out build wise and bequeath to me some games such as my all time favorite MASS EFFECT TRILOGY!   
Bought Skyrim for the PC and the difference is very…noticeable, unfortunately the game still bores me after a bit haha.  I have a date to play Boderlands 2 will be nice to see how it handles that game as well.  
I did order a new Emerson 32″ TV to use with this as well.  Will be nice for movies and such.  I really need to spend more time gaming and writing and reading, back to basics.  RESET.