There are strange things afoot, in my head at night; well at least I got to eat some Kimchi in my dream. No wait! I didn’t I had to give it away to Bret and Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords. What? My old friend Melissa was married to some old Asian guy and I offered to bring the rest of my Kimchi over for house guests that were arriving. In the meantime I had never really interacted with Melissa because she was outside pouring concrete steps. Oh I also dreamt that my friend Rob blew up some power plant where he lived… then he (maybe we?) went to this little market and hung out and there was a hot tub in it and… Bret and Jermaine from flight of the conchords were in the hot tub. Some other stuff happened but its top secret. I have no clue what my brain is plotting but I can pretty much guarantee it is not coming true!