Scotland grumpy cat review

I  think I actually summed it up pretty accurately when I was sitting in the airport. But of course there’s much more to a country than castles. I had always pictured Scotland in a particular way and I don’t know I guess maybe I had expected it to be a little bit more magical because of all the romance around its history and the way our family talked about it but the end of the day it kinda reminded me of an area Southern Oregon. I really must say that I enjoyed the Perth and Kinross area which funnily enough is where my family came from.
I accidentally ended up doing a little bit of Genealogy while I was there and was able to confirm some of the families and also was able to find out what clan we were, and we’re actually mostly closely related to which was the Ogilvie s even though the family kind of started leaning toward the MacLachlan clans for years this is boring so I’ll skip it besides saying that it was kind of exciting to find that out.
It was also funny to me that certain areas really seem to have an embedded vibe or feel to them to me so some places seem very ominous and negative um especially over by a the Campbell lands there’s a lot of clear cutting going on in that area which bothered me, and  everywhere else for the most part was pretty decent except the very last place I stayed which was an amazing castle called Carberry tower and I was absolutely plaugued with nightmares all night long and it just screwed up my sleep the night before I left.
I generally try to avoid writing anything in this blog when I’m feeling tired because I don’t tend to have my light hearted in silly point of view about things so I think I’m just going to go ahead and stop this for now.