Why do I do all the fun stuff? Wth!? Why doesn’t anyone else do it? Well someone has to do it, it might as well be me!  Excuse me, Robert and I do all the fun stuff!
In PDX right now waiting for connecting flight to Seattle then let the fun begin! Meeting Rob at Chinatown, let’s do this!
Soooo now I’m exhausted and heading back home. So let’s talk about PAX. I must say either arrive really early or late but on time sorta sucks because it took about and hour of walking around in little diverted lines to get in. We got in about 11 and didn’t see any swag bags, I think we just missed them. I am not extremely upset but would be curious to see what was in them.
Excuse me for a moment while I dry up all the water I just spilled down the front of me on the plane…. Yeah I’m graceful.
Okay so first thing through the door we are given caffeine pills from vivarin! Weee. We grabbed guides to PAX and are greeted by darkness, mayhem, excited people, and yes games. But i can’t really honestly remember what I came across first without the guide.
Saw this cute little guy at Wolfenstein display outside the Bethesda booth.
TWITCH had a huge booth they were giving away Tshirt, but you know after getting my XL Nvidia shirt I sort of felt I was good on XL shirts for the day. :/  At any rate this is a pretty cool website and a great way to share and watch people playing the games you dig. 
Oh yes the GUNNAR glasses, hey that reminds me, I forgot to get a pair. Dammit! B) 20% OFF oops. 
Robert had a death grip on my arm (he does that when dragging me around, I don’t know why, but sometimes I have bruises later).  I guess he doesn’t want to lose me or is afraid I am too wiley and hard to herd around if he doesn’t hold on tight enough. 🙂 We dueled it out at the comcast xfinity exhibit, I was Batman and he was Green Latern….yes I made the coolest moves!!! 
Well what do you think about Titanfall?  They are REALLY pushing it, we didn’t really look into it much so I don’t have much of an opinion but the display was cool.
Hey the meat team made a crazy cat lady game!!!  Here… I am ass, the cats ass!  Actually this game looks like it will be pretty cool and has a lot of flexibility as to what it will BE to the player and I look forward to playing it! Coming soon via Steam, ios, and android!
So I stopped off at the Nvidia booth scored a shield shirt, and some keyboard keys, also got to demo Assassins Creed Black Flag.  It seemed okay but I don’t accept change well and this portion of the game was about taking down two other pirate ships, while steering and aiming, then taking out the defenses of a castle.  It wasn’t thrilling to me, I wish I had played a different portion. 
So, and this is awesome. We stopped by the Cards against humanity booth, I knew it was a game but little more, so we go in and I ask Robert to explain the game… Yeah he sucks at that. “It’s a party game, and you draw cards.” Ohhh no shit?  Cards you say!? Needless to say I skipped buying them since the women at the booth said “there are cards on the table” when he asked them to explain the game. Okay good job guys! Anyway I read what it was about online and I must say it looks like an amusing party game anyway, Rob says he will buy it most likely.
Oh the table games! I saw the coolest thing ever! Well on a scale of… Wow I never thought I’d see that anyway. So Terry Prachette’s The Witches game… Yeah I’m not kidding. I didn’t have much time to check it out and know nothing about the game play but…. The Wyrd sisters are the makings of a fun board game, I just know it!
Oh we tried the oculus, we never did do it at the booth but tried one on a flight sim at another booth for a college somewhere and it was pretty cool, but very bulky it will be interesting to see where this goes I will keep my eye(s) on it. 
I had a ton of fun at the indie megabooth as I had expected that I would because I just love the spirit and love poured into indie games. The ones that really captured my attention were; 
Foul play – a delightful little bash em up game but with the twist of pleasing the audience with your performance, clever, British, cute!  Available on STEAM soon.
Tengami – A breathtaking dark Japanese adventure book game in the style of a pop-up book, the art is amazing. You get to navigate this mysterious land solving puzzles and secrets.  I really look forward to exploring this.  Wii U and Ipad I know for sure but I believe was coming to steam but can’t promise hey it isn’t like I wrote all this down!!
Charlie Murderer – was a awesome classic 4 player bash and smash em up game.  I loved that you could pick up ANYTHING while playing, I was killing zombies with other zombies heads and arms, tires, trash cans, ANYTHING I could grab.  This was really fun! XBOX.
Other games that I look forward to playing is a zombie survival RPG called Dead State looks cool didn’t have time to actually play it. 
Dragon Fin Soup is another pretty promising looking RPG from The Grimm Bros. Don’t remember the platforms for this one. 
Also a really neat looking game I played for a second was Beatbuddy, very visually cool, I couldn’t figure it out in the time I had 😛 available on steam. 
Last thing we saw at PAX was Epic playing PAX players in a head to head battle of league…. It looked like Epic was going to lose for a bit but they won. I really wasn’t very engaged because the announcers mic was turned up so loud it hurt my ears and made me a tad grrr, oh that and I was pretty wasted, tired. 

Things I did not get to do that I wish I had at PAX?  Well try out The elder scrolls online, but it would have eaten half the day so I will just wait, possible reason I may never do it?  Play to pay is not rad. 
We also did not get to the actual assassins creed or Watch Dogs exhibits. 🙁 
Did not get to the main Oculus exhibit. 
There were a lot of things we did’t have time to get too but I am glad we got around to as much as we did. 

So the last thing we did that was awesome was game. FREEPLAY PC FTW!!. So we played Team Fortress 2. Almost got to play a little Borderlands 2 (finally) but we were informed we had run out if time.
Fun fact while gaming they were blasting knife party so I had one ear free to rock! Lol.
Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss…..
Oh Btw and maybe I am just being a judgmental pricks here but WHY IN GOD’S NAME WOULD YOU GO TO PAX TO SIT DOWN AND PLAY A SINGLE PLAYER GAME LIKE BEJEWELED?!!! First off, huh? Lol this girl was next to me when I was playing Team Fortress 2 playing bejeweled. Lol yeah I just…. Why? I mean you could stay at home on Facebook and play yourself a nice game of farmville.
Lol yeah people never cease to confuse me! Rob and I had a hard laugh at this.
Ok so clearly one day at PAX is limiting but you know what’s worse? Zero days at PAX. 🙂
But the fun did not cease no no no, because when we left the hotel what was outside the door? The Elder Scrolls food truck experience. YEAH TOTALLY FREE! I love free, and it was pretty fun, especially with the random dudes behind us, they were pretty entertaining as well. I would have never believed you if you would have said, “one day you will eat elder scrolls ice cream with a wooden spoon.” yet this very thing happened! I scored a free pic of me and Robert, a free keychain bottle opener and a beer cozy sporting the Elder Scrolls Online emblem. So it took about an hour in line but hey, it was free!

My swag (and stuff I got) the magic core set and game pad were bought; the artist whom I bought the pad from was RK Post a Washington based artist it was only 20.00 it is AWESOME. He has facebook and all that jazz look him up.

p.s. I AM AWARE THERE ARE SPELLING ERRORS and caps lock accidents, I wrote this on my Galaxy S3 on an prop airplane @ 11 pm so give me a break!  I tried to keep it sounding fairly intelligible.  Just be a peach and look past the errors.  kthxbai.