On Valentine’s day

Short ramble on   Valentines.

Yeah I know, I am married and no longer have to complain about being single on valentine’s day.  But you know my general disregard for the holiday has not changed much.  Sure I went through the motions and got him a really nice basket of treats from Harry &  David’s. Sure I also bought him chocolates, but why? Because I was just dying to express my undying love and affection on this particular Sunday? Not particularly, I do love him, and I did have the thought it would be nice to give him something, so I did.  But it really just brought me back to the idea that getting someone a gift on a designated day for love is not nearly as satisfying as when I did it because I am out and about and just thinking about him, just thinking how much he might like something and getting it.

You see, I firmly believe that the basket of goodies I bought would have been much more satisfying on any day other than valentine’s day.  He got me  beautiful bouquet of roses in a vintage style cut glass vase, it was really lovely and I think I should enjoy them a bit more the I did.  I wonder, why is it that I am so convinced that these experiences are so much better when they are spontaneous? I think it has to do with how more genuine it feels when you give  or recieve a gift for no good reason at all.

I am not trying to bash on the day of love or anything, I mean, it’s cute, a day devoted to something the world feels to be in such a constant shortage of.  I am just song maybe it would mean more to make something better out of it and show that love to a person in need or a family member who has had a bad week instead.  I personally chose to donate family to a young couple in the Ukraine who is trying to save up for a house after their home was destroyed by a bomb.  I felt like it would be nice to invest into their love, their future,  and the altruistic ideals of mankind helping each other out.

At the end of the day do what will make you feel all fuzzy and warm on this holiday, be it buying your sweetheart a dozen roses, going for a couples massage with your bestie, or donating time or money to a charity.

Our actions can really improve another’s day, and when it’s done with love, it’s even sweeter.

Love you world! Muah.