News! My NEW SHINY BLOG! Rogue Spirit!

rogue spiritYes, I stopped updating this blog regularly because it really was a weird personal project that I later tried to turn into a blog that kind of went sideways on me. Two, I had too many other projects on the fire.  I take full responsibility for the fact that I haven’t been posting, so let’s switch gears!

The news is that I have rebranded a school group project! and although it is separate from this site, I will figure out a way to post the posts to both sites!  But, incase you would like to check out the other site it is here.  The name is Rogue Spirit, I rather love it and I hope that it becomes worthy of merging into this site and reviving it someday! 🙂

Even though I doubt anyone has EVER read my blog other than friends and family, stay tuned and check out the new blog for cool local stuff and lifestyle blog posts.  The predecessor SOShowcase was used primarily to announce events in the Rogue valley but it will now include hiking, musings, and much more from the good ol’ Southern Oregon area.

You may notice the old SOShowcase blog was very arts and culture related with happenings and events. With Rogue Spirit, I DO NOT plan to continue the past format of announcing everything going on. There are other sites to provide this information. I will be occasionally mentioning the things that I think sound interesting or fun.  I will be reviewing things still and I will definitely be sharing fun things that I find here and there.

A new approach I will be taking, apart from outdoors and hiking, is to also start randomly featuring local business or services I come across.  This spotlight will be an occasional but fun way to get to know the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon a little better.  This includes Klamath area. I will also be very open to guest bloggers as I am a very busy bee. I hope for the Rogue Spirit to enjoy a life of its own, something that is a little bit me and lot more of the people who live, work, and call the Rogue Valley home, part of what is the Rogue Spirit.