Need to unplug…

I plan on driving to a Zen Buddhist monastery to stay they weekend.  This means I will have to be all about that sacred silence.   This will be interesting for anyone who loves to talk such as I do.  But over the years I have learned the value of silence, so maybe it wouldn’t hurt to practice it a little more. 
I am a bit freaked out about doing something wrong or just making a fool out of myself but they say you learn best through humility. 
I have recently had some issues with anxiety so I figured that this should be a great way to fight it.   So now my only concern is that I have a cold and I read not to go if I am sick, so if I can clear it up in the next 4 days… I am able to go, if not I will have to wait a month, and I might have a job or client by then so I better get better. If only there was a cure for the cold!