Its….Amy! Live from New York. Ok not really but that would be a trip! Okay I fell off the planet and got lost in outer space for a while, as I am sure I will do again soon. Surprise its me Im posting to my BLOG. Doesnt Blog sound like a cold?

Doctor: Im sorry you have a blog. Take two of these and call me in the morning!


I am such a goof ball. 🙂


My Uncle died today after a very long battle with pancreatic cancer keep his family in your prayers. He can now live happily without pain and hopefully meet a pretty great guy! 🙂


I have been working like a dog – where did this saying come? I have never seen a dog work at all. Lets try that again.

I have been working like a ant. After all I am realitively small in the universe. I dont really carry twice my weight on my back but grandma is heavy. I dont carry her on my back either but some days it feels as if I may have.


I have not had time for much personal, spiritual or any type of growth. It is hard on the whole family, Grandma got worse, hopefully she will get better soon and I can have the weekends off again.


I have been going to gym fairly regularly to try to maintain some type of good health, I really dont like to workout but I have no choice, doing nothing did not seem to work to well!

okay ththththththats all fffffolks!