I’m deranged.

Or at least it feels that way when I log in and type all this stuff down to myself once in a while.  Actually it’s so sporadic I am not sure I could even call it once in a while!  Soooo whats new?

I am working two jobs, yep working my butt off, saving money and trying to wait out a process necessary for Robert to get down here with me so we can both live in Portland.  We both love it there so much and I cannot wait until I can get back up there.

So I am working a lot lately, sometimes I get only a few hours a sleep a day but I just keep telling myself it will pay off later!!!

Julianna moved in with me and Gwynneth moved down to New Orleans and is now living with Mike.  Hmmm….. yeah that’s it for now.  Life is tiring but wonderful!!