Hi I am a little less head in the clouds now that it’s a few weeks back in the real world. The best feels and fun are fading into the background as life returns to its baseline of work, stress, oh and reality.
It creeps back up on you slowly like after any life altering trip will. I wish with all the power of the universe I could live in the eternal wonderland of play but that is not practical, I bet it would even feel like everyday life if it were the norm.
We as humans tend to take the world and all its wonder for granted if it’s presented to us daily. I am well aware how gorgeous today is, how beautiful the flowers and sights are, but I don’t thrill over it, heck I don’t even care if I am busy being stressed out about a deadline at work or getting dinner or the dog walked.
I said at the time, “I won’t miss EDC, I’ll just appreciate the experience, no reason to be bummed out later. ” which made perfect sense at the time…but weeks afterward I yearn to return to this magical carefree land of happiness and awesomeness.

So what was EDC like? Well I am not sure I can properly convey the feeling you get when you enter the Speedway and look down on a electronic wonderland of music, people, rides, art, happiness, love and oh yeah fun!

There was art installations, some you could interact with, some to stand and rest under, some sweat around, and others to trip out on. 

There was free water and I was really thankful for that because dancing your ass of in the desert heat requires a lot of water.  We originally paid for VIP so we had decent bathrooms but by the last night it was very clear it was faster and easier to simply hit the port-a-potty. Also, we never used the bars, special viewing decks, or much of those perks so I don’t think I will do VIP again, the one thing we did was use the Ferris wheel but smeh, I can ride the general public rides and Ferris wheels anyway! 

Pics from the Ferris Wheel and of another ride where you hung like you were hang-gliding (this was a general admit ride too) 

One of the greatest parts about EDC was the absolute freedom to wear nothing and just be free and spontaneous!!!  Making the costumes was fun, wearing them was fun, and ending up to hot to be in anything but your bra (if you wear one) was fun too!  Like here is Rob with his Bra. 😛

The actual sets were awesome.  I spent most of my time at the main stage but my favorite music was at the bass con stage. either way I didn’t care it was all just to awesome!  The music and mood just carry you away.  We heard a lot of the more big acts because of being at the main stage but I heard enough at the others to add a bunch of new favs to my list later. 

Another amazing feeling was knowing you made it all night, dancing, singing, hugging and loving the music, experience and sights and sounds. It was like being a neon electric hippy. Watching the sun come up was awesome, and the total exhaustion was just part of the fun of the experience!  Getting on that bus back to the city and relaxing was amazing feeling!

I have been writing this entry for months, now the feeling is not so fresh but you know, I will never forget that time, those moments and how liberating and free it was.
Luckily I took pics and video. Also we met some pretty cool people, over all it was the experience of a lifetime. I really can’t say that I have enjoyed anything else as much as this experience. YET.
Oh yes here is my video, there is about 8 minutes where it goes black, I couldn’t fix it, or maybe I just didn’t want too. 🙂