I took a vitamin today and it actually made me feel better. I often wonder if there is any real value in any pill but hey I feel more awake. :) Now I can think a little clearer. Smile even. Hey this is okay, maybe Ill do this everyday.

God and I had our first meeting I would suppose at my birth, or maybe before. I would like to think he gave me some pointers and told me how to reach him later if I needed any help. He is just a mental phone call away after all. And although he is very busy, he will listen.

It will probably be best to start at the beginning, the day I came crashing into this physical reality we call 'life', mine began June 5th 1973. I have no memory of this although I am sure it was traumatic and surely spiritual in some profound way. I was ME with a vessel I would call my body and a brain and physical characteristics that would distinguish me from the next human being. I began quite attached to me, as soon as I was aware I was me. I had a name, Amy. Hmmmm. Its…

Have you ever been adrift in the sea of spiritual darkness? I have. Have you ever searched in vain for the answer to all of you questions only to end up with more questions? I have. Join me on my journey for spiritual enlightenment. I will retale the tales of all the religions and ideas I have followed, sometimes funny somethimes pathetic, always a lesson. Even if I don't know what it was.