About Amy

ABOUT Amy’s Write (or Amy rather). 

Amy’s Write….I just love to say that!!

I’m a graduate student by day, aspiring writer and social media junkie by night, and this is my website.  Check out my daily paper Digital Marketing News! Click uSocially for my business twitter.uSocially Marketing

Working away!
About Amy

                                              …I look something like this:

I am studying to become an expert in things at Graduate school!  My program is MIIS and my main focuses are in Communication and public engagement and business management, but I actually love marketing and social media and writing.

My hobbies are gaming, travel, writing, thinking about writing, photography, and reading way to many blogs on SMM, SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Blogging and free books on my kindle.

amys_write on twitterFollow me for the latest news on blogging, self-publishing, book giveaways and my new posts.

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A silly little thing.
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