MORMONISM, well the next one was at a lonely moment i my life. These people fill every little crack in your life with their program and agendas. You feel accepted, loved, and I thought it was what I needed to belong.

It lasted about three months. I was baptized. I felt as I went along there was something very much wrong with the religion. As I studied into it in more depth it still did not feel right.

I was often confused with the obsession with Jesus Christ in most major Christian religions. I mean, if your not supposed to worship anyone else but God…. why were we all worshiping Jesus.

Depends on the religion, some say its all the same, God, Jesus, some admit they are separate but still they erroneously looked to Jesus for salvation.

So about the time I was in study class with the Mormons and I heard Jesus and his “people” would be coming from out of the earth to save us….I thought, okay, it is a cult.

I never went back.